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CA Council Community Action Event- October 15, 2016

Greetings California Council Members!

You may or may not know that one of the goals of the Public Relations team for the California Council is a group event four times in the current 2016-2017 term.  We want to get a very positive awareness of IAIP, the CA Council, the local associations and the Members at Large to the entire state of California.  By doing these group events that will focus around community action and community needs all on the same day and using our group "voice".

For our very first "group" event we will be doing a blood drive. The date will be October 15, 2016, which also is during Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Each member is encouraged to go to your local blood bank on October 15th and donate blood. Once donated, please take a selfie with your "I gave Blood" sticker and use the hashtag of #iaipgiveslife on social media.  Wearing Pink to support Breast Cancer that day is encouraged as well.  If you are unable to give blood due to health reasons, you are encouraged to get a family member or friend to do it on your behalf and go with them- show your support as they are for you.

If you want to pass this email on to other States, Councils or Regions for them to also join the event that day- please feel free to do so.

If you have any questions about the group event, please contact either myself or my Public Relations Liaison Sherry White.

In fellowship,
Kathleen Shumate, ARM, CIIP, DAE
Public Relations Chair, CA Council

Sherry White
Public Relations Liaison, CA Council


2016 CA Council - September 9-10, San Diego, CA

For those of you who were not in attendance and who are not on Social Media, I just wanted to provide a brief update of elections and awards for you:

Congratulations to Carol Russell and 2016/2017 CA Council Team as well as San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals for a successful Conference.

Congratulations to the 2017/2018 CA Council Team:

Carol Russell - CA Council Director Elect
Kathleen Shumate - Public Relations Chair Elect
Nancy Hudson - Membership Development Chair Elect

In addition, the ByLaws were amended to include a 2-year term  for those whose terms begin July 1 2018 for the Council Director, PR Chair and MD Chair.

Congratulations to the following Award winners:

Jolene Gilbert - Member of the Year (MAL) 
Helen Jang - Rookie of the Year (IPLA)
Tina Lee - Gayle Reskin Angel Award (MAL)
Mitula Patel- Mentor of the Year (IPLA)
Steven Wasylkiw - CWC Speak-Off
IPS - Northern Cal Retention Award
MAL - Central Cal Retention Award
IPSGV - Southern Cal Retention Award

Jolene A. Gilbert


CWC Competition- 2016 CA Council

It is that time of the year when we need to get the CWC Speak Off applications in to me, your Public Relations Chair and CWC moderator for the 2016 CA Council Meeting.

Please remember that your 3 minute speech needs to be on one of the following topics as it directly relates to the insurance industry or your involvement with IAIP:

Current Property/Casualty Issues
Current Life/Health Issues

The application can be found at:

Please forward the application to my attention no later than 8/20/16 to

If you have any questions, or if your local speakoff is later than the 8/20 date, please contact me.

In Fellowship,
Kathleen Shumate, ARM, CIIP, DAE
Public Relations Chair, CA Council

IAIP Positive Inception Creed

As promised at the Leadership Workshop I wanted to make sure that I got this out to you all this week.    If you could please share with presidents of your associations if they were not able to attend Carol and I would greatly appreciate it.   We are looking forward to this year and having it be a year of positivity.  We thought that this was a great way to get started.

Thank you all for your support this last weekend.  Your constant interaction made the leadership meeting a fabulous meeting. 

I also wanted to thank everyone for your generous donations to the Legacy Foundation.  Total that we are donating to Legacy on behalf of the California Leadership Workshop is 255.00.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything also those of you that I have not reached out to yet regarding Positions at California Council I will be reaching out to you soon.  See you all in September.

Thank You, 
In Fellowship

Dawn Manzano
Assistant to California Concil Director

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