Council Director's Message

Greetings Members of California. 

I am excited to begin this journey as your Council Director (CD).  The next two years will be action-packed with anticipated growth and development throughout the state.  As your CD, it is important that members are invited to be involved, presented with educational and networking opportunities as well as having an extended leadership ladder should they want to move up in this organization.  The Public Relations and Membership Chairs have formed strong teams that will bring experience, knowledge, excitement and new ideas to California Council of IAIP.   Please check the “YOUR TEAM” page on this website. 

One of the first programs that we are inviting members to be involved in is the Ca Members Leadership Summit being held on July 28th.  This is the first project your Council Cabinet will be working on as a team.  It is for all members and if you are new to IAIP, I encourage you to attend.  You can find more information in the Calendar section of this website.  The Insurance Associates of Fresno (IAOF) is also working hard to prepare for the CA Council Meeting that will be held October 12th and 13th at the Hotel Piccadilly in FresYes.  More information regarding this will be coming from IAOF shortly.

Communication is the key to a successful team and the organization, so as your Council Cabinet we plan on communicating with members as frequently as we can to keep you apprised of upcoming events and or programs.   For Associations, kindly forward your current President, membership and program chair’s contact information to Dawn Manzano, CISR the Public Relations Chair@ and Jenny Schaeffler, the Membership Chair  They will keep the Presidents and MAL’s of upcoming events.   If you haven’t updated your personal profile on the IAIP website, please do as this is the way the Council Cabinet will be communicating with you. 

If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer for a Chair or committee at the Council Meeting, please contact Laura Gutierrez, CIC, CPIW (NC Assistant) and Brooke Lesniak (SoCal Assistant) Helen Jang, CLP is still in the background assisting where and when I need it.   You can also contact any member of the Council Cabinet. 

Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride but well worth the thrill!   

Remember, together we are L.I.N.K.E.D. to the past, present, and future of IAIP. 

In fellowship,


Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP

Ca Council Director

Greetings Members.

Can you believe there are just two months left in 2018?  Oh, my goodness how time truly flies by!  Well, members your Council Cabinet continues to march forward.   Here are some reminders for you pulled from IAIP Newsletter along with Council Cabinet items for the month of November.


November 1: The History manual has been updated and is on the web.  Regina Lemanowicz did a phenomenal job getting this updated.  There will be some tweaks along the way, but it is updated.  Thank you, Regina.

The first kick-off community action event from Public Relations team will be held by San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals that will support Rachel’s House.  Rachel's House is a Day Shelter for Homeless Women, they have places for the ladies to take showers and serve them meals daily.  Items that need:

·         Small Toiletries

·      Paper Plates

·         Utensils

·         Napkins

·         Office Paper Products etc.

If anyone would like to help in donating items, please send items to my address at 5016 Somam Ave. San Diego Ca 92110.  If it is more convenient you can also send me checks and I can present them to the Shelter when we present the rest of the items.

November 4: Fall Back - daylight savings time ends at 2:00 AM - so set your clocks back before bed. 

November 6: Time to vote! It's a privilege as an American. Think of how many countries in the world don't have the right. Don't take it for granted and let your voice be heard.

November 11: Veterans Day - Thank you to all veterans and active military for your service, and to your family for their sacrifices.

November 14:  Brooke Lesniak and I are scheduled to visit the Gamma Iota Sigma in Fullerton, California to talk about IAIP and surge interest and membership.

November 15: First, all IAIP Regional Award Applications are due to your Regional Vice President on November 15. Get those essays polished. You can't win if you don't apply. It's OK to be your own cheerleader. Second, all IAIP local associations and councils are to submit a 990-N or e-Postcard by November 15. It's all done online and is an easy filing process for tax-exempt organizations with an annual gross income of $50,000 or less. Have questions? Contact Beth Chitnis, Executive Director. Third, apply to serve on the International Nominating Committee and be an integral part of the process for selecting the future leaders of both IAIP and the NAIW Legacy Foundation. It is a small commitment with a huge impact!

November 22: Thanksgiving. A day of family, food and football for many. Remember those who are less fortunate, especially the victims of hurricanes Florence and Michael and those in Puerto Rico still recovering from Maria. 

Throughout the month visits will be made by a member of the Council team.  Don’t forget to let us know if you have an event or business meeting that you would like Council representation.  We would love to join you.  But we can’t attend, if we don’t know the when and where!

 Enjoy the month and wishing you all the peace during the upcoming holiday season.

In fellowship,


Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP

Ca Council Director

Assistant Messages:

Welcome to the California Council of IAIP’s website.  I’m looking forward to an exciting time as the Northern California assistant to your new California Council Director, the fabulous Christine Chandler Tillett (even if she is a Broncos fan).  We are all very excited for this year’s California Council meeting, which will be hosted by the Insurance Associates of Fresno on October 12, 2018.   Christine and the host committee are planning a wonderful event, so we hope to see you all there.   But first, don’t forget about the Leadership Summit being held at the DoubleTree Hilton in Santa Ana on July 28th.    There will be amazing presenters giving us the “Back to Basics”, which I’m sure we can all use.    I look forward to seeing all of you at the various events throughout the coming year.

In fellowship,

Laura Gutierrez, CIC, CPIW - Northern California Assistant to the California Council Director

Welcome and I am glad you stopped by the California Councils website.  I am very excited about serving as the Southern California Assistant to your new California Council Director. For the upcoming year we will be having exciting events where we will be continue to build a great foundation and focusing on growth for your future in IAIP and your professional career. See you at the Members Leadership Summit at the end of July in Orange County!

In the fellowship, 

Brooke Lesniak - Southern California Assistant to the California Council Director

Important Dates Coming up....   For additional details and other events, check our calendar.

January 26, 2019 - Southern California Inter Coordinating Council Meeting - Orange County, CA
March 14-16, 2019 - Region VII Conference - Sacramento, CA