Council Director's Message

Greetings Members of California. 

I am excited to begin this journey as your Council Director (CD).  The next two years will be action-packed with anticipated growth and development throughout the state.  As your CD, it is important that members are invited to be involved, presented with educational and networking opportunities as well as having an extended leadership ladder should they want to move up in this organization.  The Public Relations and Membership Chairs have formed strong teams that will bring experience, knowledge, excitement and new ideas to California Council of IAIP.   Please check the “YOUR TEAM” page on this website. 

One of the first programs that we are inviting members to be involved in is the Ca Members Leadership Summit being held on July 28th.  This is the first project your Council Cabinet will be working on as a team.  It is for all members and if you are new to IAIP, I encourage you to attend.  You can find more information in the Calendar section of this website.  The Insurance Associates of Fresno (IAOF) is also working hard to prepare for the CA Council Meeting that will be held October 12th and 13th at the Hotel Piccadilly in FresYes.  More information regarding this will be coming from IAOF shortly.

Communication is the key to a successful team and the organization, so as your Council Cabinet we plan on communicating with members as frequently as we can to keep you apprised of upcoming events and or programs.   For Associations, kindly forward your current President, membership and program chair’s contact information to Dawn Manzano, CISR the Public Relations Chair@ and Jenny Schaeffler, the Membership Chair  They will keep the Presidents and MAL’s of upcoming events.   If you haven’t updated your personal profile on the IAIP website, please do as this is the way the Council Cabinet will be communicating with you. 

If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer for a Chair or committee at the Council Meeting, please contact Laura Gutierrez, CIC, CPIW (NC Assistant) and Brooke Lesniak (SoCal Assistant) Helen Jang, CLP is still in the background assisting where and when I need it.   You can also contact any member of the Council Cabinet. 

Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride but well worth the thrill!   

Remember, together we are L.I.N.K.E.D. to the past, present, and future of IAIP. 

In fellowship,


Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP

Ca Council Director


Greetings Members.

What can I say but THANK YOU!  What a great CA Council Meeting.  I can’t begin to tell you what a great time we had with education, networking, fellowship and fun.  It was really a great Council Meeting.  I want to thank all ten (10) associations that had representation at the Meeting and 16 Members at Large (MALs) registered.  Those were some great numbers.  I also want to state that all ten (10) associations submitted their annual reports and they can be found on the Council website.  The MALs submitted a blog, that is on the website as well. 

Thank you to the Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles, Inc. for hosting this Council Meeting.   I know they went all out for me and I appreciate their efforts from the tippy top all the way to the bottom of my heart.  To Robin Fawkes, a big thank you for connecting me to Lois and Kristin Coyle.  They truly made the Welcome Party, a welcome party.  The Pirates, Wenches, Maidens and Gents Oh my! Was a hit and members having many other members “Walk the Plank”.   It was fun and all for a good cause.  In speaking of good causes your generosity to Journey Out over 250 lipsticks and $145 cash donation was truly special.  Thank you, Regina for coordinating this wonderful cause.   I also want to thank you for your donations to the Ca Council and the Legacy Foundation.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  To Rima Nashashibi CEO of GlobalHope365 and President Elect of the Insurance Professionals of Orange County, thank you for that compelling presentation.  It was hard to hear the information but was information that needed to get out.  Believe you me, I am more aware of my surroundings.  If you want to support Rima, you can reach her at

Congratulations goes out to Kari Woods member of Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles, Inc as being elected CA Council Director Elec, Regina Lemanowicz, Public Relations Chair and to Marcella Beasley, MA, CISR, CRIS, CLP as the Membership Chair.   Looking forward to the transition to the new team, I know they will be awesome.  Congratulations to the award winners:  Annette Ing-Firmeza, Mentor of the Year from San Francisco Insurance Professionals, Sarah Jane Jara, CLP Young/New Professional of the Year from South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals, our dynamo Mitula Patel, CLP Member of the Year from Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles, Inc. and our very own Ray Huff, for being presented with the Gayle Reskin Award.   The Insurance Professionals of San Gabriel received the Southern California retention Award and the Insurance Professionals of Sacramento won the Northern California retention Award.   International President Elec, Lauri Oakden, RWCS, CRIS, CRM, CIIP, CLP re-presented me with my International Risk Management Professional of the Year award.  Was so honored. 

To my Council Cabinet, thank you for continuing to support me.  We have nine (9) months to go and I’m sure we will accomplish many more things.   Dawn and Jenny, we are just around the corner so let’s end it strong. 

To all the local associations, MAL’s and my Council Cabinet, thank you for the beautiful gifts you bestowed upon me.  I cannot begin to tell you how full my heart was at that moment.  It is something I will never forget.  I was so humble to receive such touching gifts.   Thank you.  To Brooke and Laura, you are awesome and ensured I was on track and had everything I needed.  Thank you for always being in my corner.   To my home association, Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles, (IPLA) thank you for doing what you do.  You made me very proud to say I am a member of IPLA.   Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors.  Without their support hosting would have been very difficult. 

If you missed this year’s CA Council Meeting, perhaps you can attend the Region VII Conference being held in Vancouver, WA on March 12th through 14th or if not, the California Council Meeting in October 9th & 10th , 2020 being hosted by South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals.  Now is the time to budget and put it on your calendar.  

To my Council Cabinet, Presidents, Council Chairs/Co-Chairs, MALs, YNPs and Gold Timers if you were at Council and didn’t stop by my sauna (aka room) and state what your Word was, please pick a Word that represents you, something that will empower or motivate you.  Let me know.  If you picked a Word and didn’t get it, I have some Words but do not know the owner as Nathaniel removed the Post-it.  If you are lost by this message, then you didn’t come at all to my room. ☹ so I missed you.   



Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP

CA Council Director

Together we are L.I.N.K.E.D. to the past, present and future of IAIP! 

Assistant Messages:

Hi Everyone!    It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, and an exciting year it has been.  Last year’s Council meeting in Fresno was awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Council meeting in Glendale, which will be hosted by the Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles.  I know they have been working very hard to provide you with the best in education, knowledge, fellowship, and of course, FUN!    But wait, first we have the Ca Council Leadership Summit – Are you L.I.N.K.E.D.?  This informative event is being held in Santa Ana on July 20th.  While I am unable to attend the event this year, I certainly hope many others will be there.  The National Convention in Reno was great, and I was pleased to see so many members from California in attendance.   Special congratulations to our Council Director, Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP for winning International Risk Management Professional of the Year, as well as the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) scholarship.  We are all lucky to have such a truly amazing woman as our Council Director.   Wishing you all love, peace and happiness.  See you all in October!

In fellowship,

Laura Gutierrez, CIC, CPIW - Northern California Assistant to the California Council Director

Welcome and I am glad you stopped by the California Councils website.  I am very excited about serving as the Southern California Assistant to your new California Council Director. For the upcoming year we will be having exciting events where we will be continue to build a great foundation and focusing on growth for your future in IAIP and your professional career. See you at the Members Leadership Summit at the end of July in Orange County!

In the fellowship, 

Brooke Lesniak - Southern California Assistant to the California Council Director

Important Dates Coming up....   For additional details and other events, check our calendar.

October 4-5, 2019 - CA Council Meeting - Glendale, CA

March 12-14, 2020 - Region VII Regional Conference - Vancouver , WA

June 11-13, 2020 -International Convention- Louisville, KY