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Brooke Lesniak is a member of the IAIP Student Members Task Force, a member of the Insurance Professionals of Orange County and the Southern California Assistant to the CA Council Director visits Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) students at Cal State Fullerton on 11/14/18.  . Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) is the college fraternity for students planning degrees in risk management. The purpose of the meeting was to promote interest and share information with the students regarding the benefits of membership in IAIP.

What did you talk about? 

Brooke: I talked about my personal story in how I got into the insurance industry and how much I have learned and what led me to became a part of IAIP.  I talked about IAIP’s Education courses and designations including CLP.

I spoke to the students about CWC and the opportunity to participate in the CWC speak off competition at conferences.  I discussed the IAIP Mentor program, leadership positions and upcoming conferences.  The scholarship and awards programs specific to IAIP and how they can and will benefit their careers.

I talked about how community service is an important part of IAIP, from the International level to the local association. How we raise money and collect donations to support charities in the communities where our associations are active as well as the cities where our conference are held.

What other information did you provide the students?

Brooke: I provided the students with handouts regarding the CLP designation, the benefits of becoming a member and the GIS flier so they could take it home and think more about it.  In addition I showed them our IAIP website as well as the Insurance Professionals of Orange County website. 

What’s next? 

Brooke: I talked about how we are starting a job shadow program and additional details will follow. I provided my business card for them to reach me if they have any questions. I did a follow up and sent them the Insurance Professionals of Orange County next meeting information so they could plan to attend and experience how our dinner meetings are ran and to meet other members of IAIP.

Anyone body you’d like to thank?

Brooke: I would like thank you Claudia Vu for allowing me the opportunity to speak at the chapters meeting. 

Greetings My Fellow Insurance Professionals!

As Public Relations Chair I would like to welcome you and share a few of my goals for California this upcoming year.   I promise they are not going to be anything crazy.   With my wonderful team of liaisons, we will be working on keeping IAIP and California Council in the forefront of utilizing social media, our websites and keeping things fresh and up to date.   Some of our goals for this year are:

·         Website> Keeping the website up to date with current events, Local Association Meetings, What’s Happening in the Industry and Special Recognition's. We will need all of your assistance for this one.  Please send me your announcements and anything you would like to publish on the site. 

·         Quarterly Updates> at a minimum of Safety and Legislation we want to keep the site fresh with new news and will hopefully be able to get  new information out to the members with updated newsletters.

·         Giveback Campaign> this is a work in progress but the thoughts are that we would like to start a giveback where as a California Association, we are able to pick a charity from each area (Northern, Central, and Southern) and create a giveback campaign.  We will be looking for volunteers to assist with this and help in choosing the charities.  We will need a So Cal, Central, and Northern Representative as well as a Member at Large.  Please reach out to the PR Liaison or me if interested.  

I truly want this to be a year where we are able to get more recognition for all that you do.  In order to do that we need your assistance in getting us this information.   I am always open to suggestions and ideas so please keep them coming.

In fellowship,

Dawn Manzano, CISR

Public Relations Chair

Public Relations Team for 2018-2019!


Public Relations- Regina Lemanowicz-San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals -

I am looking forward to serving as your Public Relations Liaison for the upcoming term. I have been a member since 2002.  I am a member of the San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals and I am a dual member of the Insurance Professionals of Orange County.   I entered the insurance industry in 1983 and retired in 2014.  I remain active in my chosen field and IAIP. 

This is going to be a year of involvement, communication, growth and fellowship.  Your Public Relations Chair, Dawn Manzano,  and I will be keeping the Council web site updated on a regular basis.   Our goal and purpose is for the members of California to be able to visit the Council web site for information on upcoming events across the state, links to other important web sites, current forms and documents. Please share your news and events with us.    

In my spare time I love to travel, especially anywhere there is a beach.  My husband and I are professional house sitters and most of our clients are in the Cabo area.  You will always see me with a camera as I use my photography to create my own greeting cards.  I enjoy decorating and planning events.   

Regina Lemanowicz


Education- Sandra Johnson, CISR, AIS- South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals
Sandra L. Johnson, AIS, CISR is employed with Calnonprofits Insurance Services, a subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits as a Property & Casualty Account Manager since 2016 providing insurance services.  Sandra has over 20 years of P&C and customer service experience ranging from the entertainment sector, artisan contractors, restaurants & hospitality and now dedicated to the non-profit sector. 

She joined IAIP/South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals in 2012 and has served as Reservations Chair, South Bay AIP 50th Anniversary Gala Chair (2015), President Elect (2015-2016), CWC Contestant & Winner (2017 CA Council-Monterey CA), President (2016-2018), and currently, Immediate Past President, CA Council Education Liaison and CA Council Bi-Laws Committee.  While Membership with IAIP/SBAIP is a rewarding and valuable experience both professionally and personally, Sandra also enjoys family time with her two adult sons and 4 grandchildren, travelling abroad as well as a long time passion for high fashion runway modeling with a professional modeling troupe of men and woman age 40 & over.

To round out her professional growth, Sandra will complete the Certified Leadership Program (through IAIP) with the intent to earn her CLP and CIIP designations in 2018 and began the Certified Risk Manager (CRM) courses with the National Alliance in 2019.  “These years being a member of IAIP/SBAIP has truly been rewarding and interesting for me and have open up a large network of industry professionals, many I consider friends and close to my heart!”


Safety- Alison Holmes, AINS, AIS, CISR, CPIW, DAE, CLP-  Insurance Associates of Fresno 

I have been actively involved with IAIP since joining in 2002. I am currently the Assistant to the Region VII RVP and the VP of my local association, Insurance Associates of Fresno.  Through IAOF, I have served as President multiple times and have held all offices as well as served on and/or chaired every committee at some time or another.  I have held various positions on the California Council and am looking forward to my new role as Safety Liaison.  I have earned many awards and was recently named  International Insurance Professional of the Year and  International Professional Underwriter of the Year.  IAIP Leadership classes and Educational offerings have helped me to succeed in my current role as a WC Business Development Underwriter for ICW Group. 

I enjoy boating, riding my Harley Davidson and spending time with family and friends.

Alison Holmes


Communications- Nancy Hudson, CISR, CIIP, DAE- Member at Large

I joined IAIP in 2005 because of the educational and leadership development opportunities.  And it did not disappoint.  I got my feet wet when I was on the Website Development Committee for my local, Insurance Professionals of Monterey Bay, and dove right in from there.  Through IAIP I was able to earn my CIIP and DAE designations, both of which center on education. I completed the CWC course in 2008 which helped my public speaking skills.  And it has served me well in my many positions within my local association.  I have also chaired, served on committees and held offices on the State, Regional and National level. 

On a personal level I love spending time with my family, reading, listening to music, crocheting and long walks with my husband at the ocean.

Nancy Hudson

Legislation- Margaret Sameshima Lamdagan, CPCU, CPIW, DAE ,South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals

We have a great team and we are all here to help you grow in the organization as well as in your career by using the tools that we have available.