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IAIP Mentoring Program


Take advantage of this priceless IAIP member benefit – the opportunity to be matched with an experienced member to serve as your mentor. Areas of focus may include (but are certainly not limited to) career path coaching, how to “Go All In” with IAIP, networking skills, and leadership development!  

Program Goals

1. acquaint new members with the structure and benefits of IAIP from the International level down to the local or MAL level (or how to “Go All In” with IAIP!)
2. assist more seasoned members with further refining specific skills, learning more about a particular aspect of the insurance industry, gaining a new designation, or learning a new technical skill. 
3. provide helpful feedback that will encourage the member to build upon and perhaps revitalize the skills they already possess

As a mentor, you are a guide, role model, and resource. Take this opportunity to share your association and professional experiences by advising, influencing and supporting new members.

A mentor/mentee relationship provides many opportunities, offers many challenges, and has many rewards. Experience them for yourself. 

Top 10 Reasons to Mentor

1. Develop meaningful connections
2. Benefit from positive and enriching new relationships
3. Refine coaching and mentoring skills
4. Learn more about the next generation of insurance professionals
5. Acquire new information and perspectives often offered by mentees
6. Remain productive
7. Do something for others. Make a difference!
8. Receive recognition -- mentors are respected and appreciated
9. Earn the gratitude of mentees
10. Share your knowledge and skills

To participate, complete the online Mentor Application or Mentee Application or change your IAIP profile (click "manage profile" then "edit bio") to reflect your interest in either role of the mentoring program. This program is available to IAIP members only. 


Mentor and Mentee IAIP members:

Mentor Toolkit
Mentee Toolkit
Mentor Application
Mentee Application
Mentee Goals form
Successful Relationship Tips