Public Relations

Greetings My Fellow Insurance Professionals!

As Public Relations Chair I would like to welcome you and share a few of my goals for California this upcoming year.   I promise they are not going to be anything crazy.   With my wonderful team of liaisons, we will be working on keeping IAIP and California Council in the forefront of utilizing social media, our websites and keeping things fresh and up to date.   Some of our goals for this year are:

·         Website> Keeping the website up to date with current events, Local Association Meetings, What’s Happening in the Industry and Special Recognition's. We will need all of your assistance for this one.  Please send me your announcements and anything you would like to publish on the site. 

·         Quarterly Updates> at a minimum of Safety and Legislation we want to keep the site fresh with new news and will hopefully be able to get  new information out to the members with updated newsletters.

·         Giveback Campaign> this is a work in progress but the thoughts are that we would like to start a giveback where as a California Association, we are able to pick a charity from each area (Northern, Central, and Southern) and create a giveback campaign.  We will be looking for volunteers to assist with this and help in choosing the charities.  We will need a So Cal, Central, and Northern Representative as well as a Member at Large.  Please reach out to the PR Liaison or me if interested.  

I truly want this to be a year where we are able to get more recognition for all that you do.  In order to do that we need your assistance in getting us this information.   I am always open to suggestions and ideas so please keep them coming.

In fellowship,

Dawn Manzano

Public Relations Chair

Public Relations Team for 2018-2019!

Public Relations- Regina Lemanowicz-San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals -
Education- Sandra Johnson- South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals
Safety- Alison Holmes- Insurance Associates of Fresno 
Communication- Nancy Hudson- Member at Large
Legislation- Brandi Brazil - Insurance Professionals of Monterey Bay

We have a great team and we are all here to help you grow in the organization as well as in your career by using the tools that we have available.