Public Relations

Greetings My Fellow Insurance Professionals!

Sherry here…your Public Relations Liaison.  Can you believe May is right around the corner?  Not only is Spring in the air, it’s also time to gear up for Insurance Professionals Week.  What is Insurance Professionals Week you ask?  It’s the week beginning with the 3rd Sunday in May; an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of your Association and professionals in your industry.  

From now until May 28, 2017, I challenge each Association to discover a cause you are passionate about.  

Wear team hats, shirts, scarves, carry a banner; whatever it takes to brand your Association’s team spirit.

Be proud of your accomplishment!  Share your day with us:

  • Who did you support and why;
  • Post your photos and / or group shot

Public Relations: To shape and maintain the image of a company, organization (that’s us) or individual in the eyes of the client’s various “publics”.

What is a “public”? Anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the client (that’s us).



In Fellowship

Sherry White

Public Relations Liaison

Insurance Professionals of Sacramento

Greetings from your Public Relations Team for 2016-2017!

I thought I would share the goals of the team for the term so you as a membership are aware of what we are trying to accomplish and help you with.

The overall main goal of the P/R Team for 2016 is to get our name out there in a positive but powerful way.  The goals by liaison is as follows:
Public Relations- Sherry- will work together to set up quarterly association events that will be performed by all associations and MAL’s- the first will be a blood drive to where we all go and give blood at our local blood bank on the same day- we will advertise this as a state event and help each association on how to promote in their area as well.  We will be discussing 3 other events to do, the blood drive will be for October- which is also Breast Cancer Awareness month- so maybe we can promote wearing pink when we give the blood? 
Education- Ana- will be promoting the webinar Wednesday’s that National has- these will be posted on the CA Council website along with a reminder each month sent out to the CA Membership letting members know which ones are coming up in the next month.  We will also be requesting that all local associations let us know which classes they have coming up that are noteworthy for the CA Council website, and advising to all what is required to be a IAIP certified instructor.
Safety- Mechelle- will be responsible for putting monthly articles on the CA Council website each month as well as quarterly ideas on what each Association can do as a safety project in their area- such as the TIKE stickers you are currently working on.
Communication- Alejandra- will be helping each association on their communication skills- how do they promote their association, do they have Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, local website?  How do they use them?  Are they posting & keeping everything fresh?  It will need to be determined which approach works the best for each association- not all can afford a website and if they can’t, then you will work with them on setting up the basic free website on the National site.  It is free and it is very basic, but it does help get exposure.  At a minimum each association should have 1 form of social media they are using- we will strive to make that a fact by the end of our term.
Legislation- Robin- will put monthly articles on the CA Council website on what is happening in our industry- you will also be in charge of making sure a copy of the board reports from National are sent out to the membership through the National email campaign and give a summary of what the report means.

We have a great team this team and they are all here to help you grow in the organization as well as in your career by using the tools that we have available.

In Fellowship,
Kathleen Shumate, ARM, CIIP, DAE
Public Relations Chair 2016-2017