Community Service

Here we are sharing the many community action projects we are involved in as an organization at both the State level and the local association level.  This is our way of making sure that each California chapter is aware of what their sister chapters are doing, allowing us to support one another in our efforts.


IICF / Sesame Street Literacy Campaign

IICF (Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation) is a wonderful organization that works to both support worthwhile charities and to spread the word about how much the insurance community gives back every year.  IICF has recently partnered with Sesame Street for a Literacy Campaign.    The CA Council of IAIP supports this great initiative and challenges each of our chapters to get involved in a literacy program in their community.   Chapters can volunteer time to teach children reading skills, conduct a book drive to provide reading materials to the programs, or provide monetary support.   Click on the photo below for more details and let us know how your Chapter decides to get involved.

For more information on the Sesame Street Campaign - visit  

For more information on IICF - visit their website at