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2016 CA Council - September 9-10, San Diego, CA

For those of you who were not in attendance and who are not on Social Media, I just wanted to provide a brief update of elections and awards for you:

Congratulations to Carol Russell and 2016/2017 CA Council Team as well as San Diego Association of Insurance Professionals for a successful Conference.

Congratulations to the 2017/2018 CA Council Team:

Carol Russell - CA Council Director Elect
Kathleen Shumate - Public Relations Chair Elect
Nancy Hudson - Membership Development Chair Elect

In addition, the ByLaws were amended to include a 2-year term  for those whose terms begin July 1 2018 for the Council Director, PR Chair and MD Chair.

Congratulations to the following Award winners:

Jolene Gilbert - Member of the Year (MAL) 
Helen Jang - Rookie of the Year (IPLA)
Tina Lee - Gayle Reskin Angel Award (MAL)
Mitula Patel- Mentor of the Year (IPLA)
Steven Wasylkiw - CWC Speak-Off
IPS - Northern Cal Retention Award
MAL - Central Cal Retention Award
IPSGV - Southern Cal Retention Award

Jolene A. Gilbert